Custom Cabinets by Baca Construction

Custom Cabinets & Woodworking Frequently Asked Questions

Do you build and finish your work?
Our specialty is cabinetry and woodworking. In the past, we were able to on occasion provide a finished product, however we were always at the mercy of the elements as it was all completed outdoors. We have not done any finish work in the past several years, but are able to provide guidance.

How long does it take?
Custom cabinetry will add the most detail to a living space. Creating unique cabinetry with many details is very time consuming as we make every effort to create the perfect piece. While a smaller, less detailed piece can take around a week to complete, larger kitchens can take up to 3 weeks to complete.

What are my options on wood and/or finish?
Options are almost limitless. Different lumber types may dictate a portion of the price, some are more, some are less. Some of the most common types of wood are listed on the "materials" page. For stain grade projects, we almost always have some extra pieces of scrap to send with our cabinetry for stain sampling.

Is hardware installation included?
Hardware installation can be added to any bids. Hardware selection can be a process as there are many different types to choose from. We'll gladly include a price to install anything you choose, but would need to have an idea of what hardware will be used.

Water-based Finish or Oil-based Finish?
While Baca Construction has been a long time fan of Oil-based products, we've recently began to recommend more water-based finishes. Generally, oil-based products are thought to be more durable, but with the more recent water-based products, durability is comparable. There is little to no strong odor with water-based finishes, they dry much quicker and come out smoother. Additionally, there is no "yellowing" or "ambering" effect as seen with many laquers and urethanes.
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