Custom Cabinets by Baca Construction

Transforming an everyday house into your home has never been easier!

1. Initial contact and appointment: In the first meeting, our goal is to get a brief description of your project. We will discuss dimensions, options to best utilize your space, your desired result / finished look, budget and ways to maximize potential within that budget.

2. Design and Estimate: Based upon our initial meeting, a basic design is drawn up and an estimate is provided. With this base estimate, ways to save are suggested as well as ways to add detail and further utilize every foot of space.

3. Agreement and Timelines: Once all details and costs are in place, the project is ready to be started. We will discuss time it will take off-site as well as when and how long we will be in your home.
4. Begin Work: Work is started per the agreement. We invite you to ask questions as the work progresses. We are passionate about what we do and don't mind an opportunity to explain a bit about why and how things are done throughout the building process. Additionally, if a part of the project is not how you envisioned it, we are able to make changes along the way.

5. Completion: Upon completion, we will thoroughly look over the project with you and explain how to use and best maintain your investment. We are committed to only presenting our customers with the highest quality of product. As our business is based entirely on a referral basis, we want to ensure that you, our customer, are completely satisfied with the work performed.
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