Custom Cabinets by Baca Construction

Baca Construction Custom Cabinetry Pricing Comparison

If you've ever priced custom cabinetry, you'll find that it can be extremely expensive! With any business, large or small, you have to remember that you are the customer and that you set the price. A business could not exist if this were not true. Enticing discounts and “free” this or that sounds good, but how far will that 10% off really get you?

Box Store vs Baca Construction

It is true that box store pricing of an on-shelf cabinet seems much lower than a custom built cabinet. However, once you roll that version out of the store, it will still need to be installed, trimmed out and finished. Even for professionals, installing cheap cabinets is a daunting task as they can easily fall apart! While selection on the shelf is often limited, the next place to turn is to the “kitchen design center”. You may find a few more selections with many fancy options, but the quality is still poor with a substantially higher price tag. They call it custom; I call it a good place to get fancy ideas from! The word “custom” in itself has a ring of quality to it. Down to the adjustable shelf pins, no detail is overlooked with Baca Construction. I offer a custom product with superior quality for a price that is often lower even after their spectacular 10% discount is applied!

Production Pre-Sized vs Baca Construction

With a quantity mindset, large companies can offer a lower price by turning out thousands of units a week. These units are most commonly built in width increments of 3” or 6”. If you have ever measured an opening, you may have found that it was not a multiple of 6”. These gaps are often found in corners and at the ends of a cabinet system and are filled with a “filler” strip of wood. I like to think that cabinets are built to fit the house, and not the other way around. With Baca Construction, you are able to have a precise fit cabinet for your home, your needs and your budget. The only requirement for a custom layout is your imagination. I combine that with my experience and we get a product that cannot be purchased in a pre-sized increment.

Custom Cabinet Shop vs Baca Construction

While the higher quality of work and materials will be the same, the price will not be. Baca Construction has priced custom cabinetry projects as much as 80% lower than a custom shop. You may wonder why I will do it for so much less. I, on the other hand, wonder why these businesses charge such outrageous prices. The materials are the same and the finished products are identical in quality. With Baca Construction, you will not get charged for a fleet of vehicles, a massive shop, endless machines and a retirement plan.
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